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Rental Process and Qualifications


Drive-by Properties of Interest

Once you have viewed and like a house from the outside call 440-246-6217 to set an appointment to walk through. The demand for our rentals is high so our showing agent will try to accommodate an appointment as quickly as possible.


Fill Out Application and Submit $55 to Process

The application is the first step in securing a home for rent and is valid for 90 days. Processing only takes 3-5 hours if everything required is submitted. To quickly expedite your approval be prepared and have everything needed that day. Applications are available at our office, online or at the time of a property showing.

Rental Requirements

No Criminal Charges or Eviction Court Filings in Last 5 Years
Gross Monthly Income 3.5 x the Rental Price
Paper Proof of All Earnings
  • Paystubs with Year to Date are best. (Shows Gross Earnings.)
  • 3 Months of Bank statements are acceptable. (Only shows Net Earnings.)
  • Social Security or SSI award letter needed.
  • Child Support requires one year print out.
Minimum 3 Full Months with Your Present Employer
  • Job transfers and new hire salaried positions require a notarized award letter from employer.
Copy of State Driver’s License or Photo ID
Current and Previous Landlord References for Past 5 Years
  • We’ll need accurate phone numbers to contact references.
  • It’s recommended to inform them prior to our call.
  • References from friends or family members will not be accepted.
TransUnion Credit Check
  • Rental Price $895 and less - No Minimum Credit Score
  • Rental Price $896 to $1294 - 625 minimum credit score
  • Rental Price $1295 and above - 650 minimum credit score


Secure Home with Deposit

Once approved your application holds a property for only 24 hours. This gives you the first opportunity to secure the home with a security deposit. The deposit takes a home off the market and the balance is required with-in two weeks to sign the lease and take possession.


Please be advised all applications, consumer reports, denials and letters of denial are kept for 90 days from the date of denial. If you wish to dispute any of the above claims, you must do so within the 90-day period. All applications, consumer reports, denials and letters of denial are destroyed for your privacy and protection after said 90-day period. Some restrictions may apply. Possible non-conforming fees may be required if applicant does not match all qualifying points, if an owner approves same. Fees vary in each City. Please inquire if you do not match the above criteria.

Important Note: It is a Civil Rights Violation under the Ohio Fair Housing Law to engage in any discriminatory acts based on discrimination of: Race, Color, Religion, National Origin, Ancestry, Age, Sex, Marital Status, Familial Status, Unfavorable Discharge of the Military, Physical disability or Sexual Orientation.